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Buck Profile “RackUp”

Meet a buck I call “RackUp” mostly because his main beams have a hard angle up. Cool buck he is a buck I would consider taking but on this farm he might get a pass. I just don’t know it will depend on what he looks like on the hoof.

What do you think shooter? Comment below if you like and to see lager pictures just click on the pictures.


M2E23L49-49R371B310 M2E1L5-14R350B300 M2E1L0-7R350B300 M2E1L0-7R350B300 M2E1L0-8R350B300 M2E1L0-13R350B300 M2E30L79-79R393B305 M2E5L28-35R350B300 M2E5L27-34R350B300 M2E4L18-26R350B300

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