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It’s Almost Here


Curtis & I have been invited on what we both are calling a hunt of a lifetime. A bear hunt in of all places New Jersey.

Hunting season is almost here for me and the rest of Team Victory Outdoors. The weather is changing here in Iowa, and all our hunting gear is getting the dust knocked off. Year in an year out you see hunters out in the field doing what they love. Whether it be deer hunting or turkey, elk, bear or upland game birds, either way the passion to be in god great outdoors is within us all. The story behind the hunter is always different as is mine.  I was blessed almost 9 years ago to marry the most loving, caring an most beautiful women I’ve ever met. ( ya ya I know that it’s what we as guys are suppose to say when hunting season is almost on us) but I’m serious.


This pig is a 700+ Black Bear denned up just before the December NJ season last year and we might just get to hunt him!

My wife has been my biggest supporter in all my hunting endeavors. She told me from day one that she would never complain about me hunting or fishing an has held true to that statement up to this point. Well I guess she complained once an that was well deserved cuz I went on a fishing trip on our anniversary.. Never the less she is an incredible women that I love dearly. While I’m gone hunting she has our two children an most of the time has a hot meal on the table waiting for me when I get home. So the message that I’m trying to get across is that all hunters out there that have a man or women in their lives that make their own life so much better.  SAY THANKS cuz u have been truly blessed as I have..  Hope all the hunters taking to the woods this fall have a safe year an good luck!!!  stay tuned to VictoryOutdoors for more posts an videos to come. It’s going to be a great year!!! 

Here are a few other trail cam pictures from this year that keep me up at night. I have deer to hunt for now but December can’t get here soon enough. 

IMG_0777 IMG_0778 IMG_0736


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