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Midwest Bucks is the driving force behind my addiction to bow hunting, but not far behind is getting up close and personal with gobbling thunder chickens in spring.

Buck Profile “Mega-Tron”

As the “Hit List” comes together we have seven deer on our 120 acre lease in Southwest Iowa, any of which I would be happy to slap on a tag.  Today I want to introduce you to a buck we call Mega-Tron.  We have one picture of him in 2013 twenty yards from a stand we have hung, but unfortunately at the time we were not in the stand.  However fortunately for us, he seems to have put on at least thirty inches of antler.  Mega Tron a a main frame nine with some junk mixed with pop can sized bases.  I would love to arrow this big mature whitetail this year.  So I present to you, Mega-Tron

PRMS1125 PRMS1401 PRMS1405

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