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Ryan’s Hitlist Bucks


Righty– First and foremost on my list, mainly because he has been an absolute ghost throughout our years of hunting chess. This is the first and only picture I have of him.


Splits– This buck is on my hit list for an obvious reason. I had his pictures last year and figured he needed a year and wow, he turned out now.


Hank– I have a shed from this buck 2 years ago, pictures of him last year, and now he has gained serious mass! Would love to put him down

Pete and Repeat

Pete and Repeat– 2 big eight points that are mature and need to be harvested. Oddly, no history with these deer that I can recall.


Cruise– This buck was a running mate of the deer I killed last year and he filled in quite nicely.


So far these are my main hit list bucks, but I will update the list as more bucks show up on my trail cams. Righty however is the deer I will spend my time after this year, just because of the history and chess matches we have been playing yearly. It will be a sad but rewarding day if I can harvest him this fall. To read the history about Righty check out my post called: GHOST NAMED RIGHTY