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Grand National Calling Championships

The video below was posted today on facebook by the NWTF. It give some insight in to why callers do what they do and about how big this next contest is for some of callings biggest names. The biggest stage of them all at NWTF Grand National Calling Championships in Nashville, TN. Callers of all ages compete for […]

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Video: Wisconsin Calling Contest Results

Wow! What a great contest, the Wisconsin NWTF folks put on! As always they had great judging, and the turn out was very good for a local contest. The level of the callers at this contest was one of the highest that I have been to here in the Mid West on a local level, […]

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Video: Mouth Call Mechanics

In this educational video from CallingAllTurkeys.com, Champion caller Shane Simpson covers the mechanics of a mouth call, explains how they work, how they’re built, and how to use them to mimic the calls of the Wild Turkey. This video really dives into the inter-workings of a mouth call and how it works inside of your mouth.

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1st Calling Contest of 2014

It’s that time of the year again, I spend a lot of my time going from sportshow to sportshow doing everything from working booths to calling in contests. This weekend I’m heading up to the Wisconsin Dells for the 2014 Wisconsin State and Open Calling Contest. This will be my first contest of the year and […]

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DRY RUN PRACTICE – Archery Pre-Season Part 2

Many hunters wonder why they flub easy shots at animals when they can stack arrows on top of each other, Robin Hood-style, on the practice course. Most times, the answer is simple: It’s all of that extra gear you carry into the woods that you don’t carry onto the practice course. If you’re like me, […]

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