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Growing up hunting has taught me many life qualities, such as patients, determination, vigor, and even humility. Hunting is something that gets into your blood and will never come out, but for me it is more than that.

Serenity of Filming a Hunt

12046712_506021132889423_3519276305198226164_nDifficult, upsetting, frustrating, challenging, motivating, exciting and overall accomplishing are some adjectives that come to mind while filming a hunt. That is what makes hunting so addicting though, is it not? Hunting itself is one of the most beautiful things to me. Then you add additional aspects to it and it becomes more than it already is. Yes people will have opposing views and yes it may even upset people, but that’s how everything in life is. Well I’ll tell you my view and why I love what I do.

All the off season work has been put in. All the money, sweat, maybe even tears have led to opening day. You get up in the morning early (way to early); you couldn’t sleep the night before. Anticipating every step you’ll make when that buck walks by. You’re constantly replaying it over and over in your head the whole drive to your stand. Parked, dressed and on the move before you know it. You’re in the stand listening to the animals wake up and start their day. Light approaches and your hunt begins. After a few mind tricks, and fake deer sightings you catch something out of the corner of your eye. Slow turn and look and a shooter buck is already within range. You stare for a second tell you’re convinced he is real, then its game time.

You stand and grab your bow, moving slower then you have moved ever before. Body is turned, release is nocked, and you’re ready for that broadside shot. It seems like time moves so slowly, as he slips into range. Constantly thinking is he going to hear my heart beat? Am I going to be able to pull my bow back, and if I do are these shakes going to go away? Those questions answer themselves as he turns and you draw back. For us on your anchor point, steady your breathing, settle your pins, this is what it has all came to. You release, arrow flies true, he runs slightly over the hill out of sight and you know you made a great shot. Heart is beating uncontrollably, you have to sit because you cannot breathe, trying to call or text friends and family. Happiest moment of your life!

12039591_506021116222758_5981145753368671586_nI film for those moments. I film to capture the story. Would you rather have that just in your head or visible? Have it so everyone could watch your moments of triumph. Have someone there to share all that with while out in the tree. Your true emotions are flowing through you and you can always watch and remember every detail. All because you’re with someone doing what you love.

That is why I love filming. Yes I’m a hunter first, but that’s why I would chose to allow someone to hunt over me. I would love to capture all of the moments to make a memory last multiple lifetimes. I strongly advise going out in the field with not only someone you enjoy being with, but with a camera as well. Yes the challenges ultimately double, but the reward doubles as well.

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