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Midwest Bucks is the driving force behind my addiction to bow hunting, but not far behind is getting up close and personal with gobbling thunder chickens in spring.

It’s Time: thoughts and reflection

IMG_2159We are but a couple days away from what we work towards all year.  Hours of time has slipped by while we carefully examined photos time and time again so we can have our hit-list clearly defined.  We have worked tirelessly through the scorching, humid, “dog days” of summer; hanging stands, clearing lanes, working the ground to be ready for seed.  Praying for rain to set recently planted attraction into the ground so come early season our toil will repay us with beautiful, lush green leafed food plots for deer to graze as they walk by our stands.

All of that work and much that has gone unmentioned have led to this time.  Opening day is just around the corner.  Visions of past success race throughout thoughts, dreams of future success drive us to the point of what some would call lunacy, but we are hunters and this is our “normal.” This is our time, this is our season.  We have come to the place to see the fruits of every hour of work and drop of sweat produce memories to last a lifetime.

So as we dawn the Mossy Oak, and pick up our weapons for another season let us do so with a thankful heart.  When we climb into our stands on those late October mornings when the ground glistens with frost reflecting the rising suns first rays of light and the canvas of leaves are perfectly painted with all the colors of the autumn pallet. Let’s take a moment and thank our Lord Jesus for allowing us the privilege of seeing his masterpiece in ways that most never will.  This is our time, our chance to do something great, it’s our seaIMG_9020son, it’s deer season. It’s TIME!

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