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As a young boy growing up in the Loess Hills of Iowa, I was naturally drawn to the outdoors. With most of my free time spent hunting or fishing, I developed a passion for whitetails.

Wanted Dead or Alive!


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This is the buck that is still at the top of my hit list.I had several pics of him last year an had several sighting through out the archery season. He has turned into a ghost this year. I have been impatiently waiting for him to show up again this year on the trail cams but nothing yet… ( Torch ) is the name that I’ve assigned to this deer that looked to me like a 4.5 year old last year so who knows what he’ll do this year…Looking forward to showing everyone” Torches” progression in the next few weeks or I hope I’m afforded the opportunity. I like to ask all of you, take a close look at this buck and let me know what you think this buck scores and what do you think his age is. Please comment below. Thanks Zac