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Trail Cam Pictures

scent post example

By Guest Blogger: Skye Goode, Mossy Oak ProStaff

I have been blessed to have captured some really great trail camera pictures but I have a secret weapon. A good friend introduced me to Blackie’s Blend Magnum call lure, and now I’m obsessed when pursuing critters when there’s no season. I use it frequently in tandem with trail cameras to see what critters come check it out here in Wisconsin.  I have had nearly every single furbearer in Wisconsin come by my scent posts with this lure.  Below are just some of the trail camera pictures I’ve caught with this lure.  The main character that seems to go crazy over this stuff is fisher.  Male or female, juvenile or adult, spring or winter, every fisher in the area can’t resist checking out my scent posts when this call lure is involved.  I’ve also had coyotes, otter, beaver and skunk come check this stuff out, but the camera never got a great picture.  Magnum Call Lure has a strong top odor of skunk, but is also a mix of glands, musks, castor and two food odors.  It has a tacky texture, so it’s easily spread on logs and branches to carry in the wind.  Blackie’s guarantees it weatherproof, and I agree because it remains able to be smelled by the human nose up to 200 yards and withstands the -30 temperatures we have here in Wisconsin.  Blackie’s produces potent lures that it can be used as a cover scent while calling predators, as an attractant on the trapline, or simply as a means to lure in critters for the camera, and the best thing is, it’s only $5.00 per ounce, which lasts all season long. 

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