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20160429_182935One of the best days I have ever had in the woods, let me tell you about it! It was the last day I was going to be able to get out and try to fill my late season turkey tag. Although my goal was to kill a turkey, spring is also a time in which my eyes are locked on the ground for shed antlers and morel mushrooms!

One reason this was such a great day was because I was going hunting with my little brother. I really enjoy getting the opportunity to show him the ropes on how I do things in the woods. We hit the timber around 3 pm and got set up on a tree line overlooking a bean field. We had a lot of good birds on the trail cameras and we knew we had a good chance of seeing some turkeys. We sat for awhile and heard a few birds in the distance. I made a decision to relocate to a different spot to get us closer to the birds and as we were walking I looked into the timber to see a shed antler I had been after for weeks! It was the match to an antler I had found earlier in the year on a buck that will be high on the hit list next fall.(Deer pictured). We got set up in a spot about a hundred yards from where we heard the birds and within minutes of calling with the hunters specialty box call we had three turkeys headed our way. Five minutes after set up we had a nice jake on the ground.

20160606_130503Walking back to the pickup with a nice bird and a great shed antler my brother and I were ecstatic with the afternoon we had. Walking the tree line I turned my head into the timber to see a huge morel mushroom sticking above the grass. We hustled down and observed the area and found another morel even bigger than the first. There couldn’t have been a better ending to our hunt. A turkey, a 60 inch shed, and a couple mushrooms that were over half a foot. A day that I will cherish forever and a day that my brother will never forget!20160606_124739

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