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Ty is an avid bowhunter, he hunts anything at anytime as long as he can! He has been known to find things to hunt with it even when most other bows are hanging up! He looks forward to sharing his adventures and hunts with you through Victory Outdoors. Stay Tuned!!!

Summer is here!!

20140530_160921 (1)I can remember growing up in Missouri especially my high school years that summer was the most looked forward to time of year we had FREEDOM!!!! That meant fishing and lots of it. The only farm ponds that were safe were bad posted ones we could not get permission to fish. But there were plenty we could fish anytime we wanted.

My son Garrett and I had a chance to fish a farm pond not that long ago. It really brought back the memories of days on the pond bank and the fish we caught and of course the ones that got away! There are still a ton of farms ponds that need to be fished and someone needs to do it RIGHT!! We were happy to do our part.

20140530_154833 (1)One of the greatest things about farm ponds it the small surface are and the number of fish. Farm ponds usually hold a great population and the fish are in the spots you expect them to be. It often does not matter what lure you are tossing in there it is usually greeted with a Bang!! Even with the small water there can be some great fish in these ponds! We caught some great fish on this trip like we usually do. I got to teach Garrett how to fish a Texas Rig and use my some of my favorite colors and brands of rubber worms. He caught on quickly and we were pulling in bass after bass! I lost count but I am confident we pulled more than a 100 bass out of the pond in about a hour. We kept a few to eat and put the big boys and the rest back in the water for another day.

20140530_155302 (1)Also remember the first full weekend of June is free fishing weekend in the state of Iowa. Get the family out and enjoy some great fishing in our local waters!!!!

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