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Second Chance Buck “YOUR ADVENTURES” w/ Jered Rave

There is nothing better than sitting in a tree stand that first week of November.  The bucks start chasing does and it just makes for some great entertainment for those long sits in the stand.  On November 3rd I was sitting on the edge of a bean field waiting for deer to come out to feed.  I was taking in some of that great entertainment by watching a couple nice bucks chase two does back and forth.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught movement.  When I looked it was the buck that I have been getting pictures of all summer 30 yards in front of me running toward the action.  Not being ready like I should have been, I quickly grabbed my bow and drew back.  He stopped right before crossing a fence and I shot. I saw my arrow hit a branch, the buck crossed and trotted off. I thought for sure I was not going to see him again.  Twenty minutes later I saw a doe come walking out of a ravine and guess who, was following right behind.  To pour a little more salt in the wound, I got to watch him chase a doe all around the timber for over a half an hour while they both stayed just out of range.  I had a little hope left, if he was brave enough to come back to the area that quick after being shot at, I may still have a chance at this buck. 

The next morning was perfect, it had just rained and it was quiet walking out to my stand.  I set up about 100 yards away from where I was the night before just outside a bedding area.  I got up in my tree and was all settled in for my morning hunt.  After only five minutes I saw movement in the distance.  As the deer got closer I recognized right away, it was the one I missed the night before.  The trail he came in on was going to present a perfect broadside shot.  Just as I drew back my PSE Omen the buck decided to change his direction and was heading straight at me.

Jered Rave, Mossy Oak Prostaff

Having on my Mossy Oak Infinity he didn’t even have a clue he was about to walk right under me.  As he got to the only clearing I had which was only five yards away, I took aim and released my arrow.  The buck took off running and I knew this time I didn’t miss!  I got down from my tree stand a few minutes later to retrieve my arrow and I was happy to see it completely covered in blood.  Right away I called my friend Perry Peterson up to help me track this buck.  After following a very faint blood trail for over a few hundred yards, we could see antlers sticking out of some brush.  I was absolutely overwhelmed seeing him lying on the ground.  I know getting a second chance after missing the night before doesn’t always happen but it’s a great feeling when it does.

Jered Rave, Mossy Oak Prostaff

This Buck Scored 155 5/8


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