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Product Review: Watson AirLock

WEB2012Well what can I say about Watson AirLock! In short Top of the Line Products. I met Chris Watson 3 years ago, it didn’t take long for me to figure out this guy was intense about bow hunting big whitetails. He shares in a passion that runs deep in every true bowhunter I have ever met. We love being out there, hunting something that in many ways has an ability to beat us at our own game. What do some of the very best bowhunters have in common?They have the ability to make the needed changes to their game in order to gain the upper hand.

With the initial launch of the Watson AirLock Bags, Watson provided all bowhunters an upper hand, one that was derived from years of deer hunting experience in the hills of western Pennsylvania. You don’t have to look at these bags long to know that they are made of top quality materials and that they are an original idea. There isn’t other bag like it on the market, period!


The Ultimate in Camo Storage!

The Ultimate in Camo Storage!

Looking at each detail it’s easy to see, this is the product of a lifelong deer hunter. I always point out the built-in changing mat on the Camo Carrier. I’m a scent freak, to the point of OCD. I want to start and stay as scent free as I can all hunt long. I know I will never be 100% scent free, that’s not the point but I want to do everything I can to give me the best possible opportunity to kill a monster buck of a life time. You never know when that chance will present its self but I believe “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!” So the fact that Watson AirLock Bags keep my gear scent free and dry is just what I need in my arsenal!

1488393_10202799158524552_1471371258_nNew for 2014 Watson AirLock induced the Mini Camo Carrier. It’s just like it’s bigger brother the Camo Carrier only smaller. For some of you out there, you had a need for a smaller bag and Watson lessened! Mini Camo Carrier features 2736 cubic inches of water resistant scent free storage for your hunting clothes, an integrated double layer changing mat for in-field use, a front organizer pouch for your bow-hunting accessories and an isolated rear pouch for your whitetail deer hunting cover scents, lures and attractants. SIZE: 19″H x 16″H x 9″D – See more at: http://watsonairlock.com/watson-airlock-camo-series/watson-airlock-camo-carrier-mini/watson-airlock-mini-camo-carrier-orange-mossy-oak-break-up-infinity-camo.html



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