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As a young boy growing up in the Loess Hills of Iowa, I was naturally drawn to the outdoors. With most of my free time spent hunting or fishing, I developed a passion for whitetails.

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IMG_0827Spring turkey season has come and is now gone. I was only able to take my son out once this season, an only got out twice with my bow.. Work has been keeping busy. With my new position and with the cattle at home they both have taken up most of my time. I was able to take my wife and kids, mushroom hunting a few times along with my mother who is a mushroom freak.

One day in particular I took my wife and both kids out on the four-wheeler and spent two hours of mushroom hunting. We ended up picking about 10lbs that day. My kids, Drake and Morghann both had a blast. My wife Felicia also enjoyed herself. She is a good luck charm when it comes to finding those tasty little morsels.

IMG_0829A few days later I took my mom out mushroom hunting for mother’s day. Unlike most mothers she wanted mushrooms, so we headed out at 9 o’clock. After finding only a few scattered around the area that I took my family a few days earlier we decided to have a look at a few other spots. That turned out to be the right move. As we rode up to a group of dead elms along a ditch bank I was looking at the trees to see if they were the right age an species, while explaining to her why these trees should have mushrooms by them. Without hesitation I got down and mom stayed on the wheeler while I took a look. Only seeing a few mushrooms around the set of trees my mom yells down at me and says” you’re not going to believe what I see, hurry up an come up here”. As I got up the bank I could see what she was looking at. Mushrooms were everywhere. All of which were in the picked corn field. There were mushrooms ten rows out in the field. How I didn’t run over any with the wheeler is beyond me. After we got back to my house we had 20lbs of mushrooms that we decided to split up. Mom said that it was one of the best gifts she could of got.

IMG_0826Now that mushroom season is over and summer is getting close its time to start preparing for the upcoming deer seasons. Stay tuned to Victory Outdoors for more..

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