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“KING KALLER” Calling Contest Results

“King Kaller 2012”

King Kaller, top prize up for grabs was $600, and the winner is Shane Simpson. This was Shane’s second big win in the last month, earlier winning the Iowa State Open. Shane also took home first in Owl Hooting as well as Gobbling. I have known Shane for about four years now and his calling has improved each year, but he has also done a lot for contest calling in Minnesota. In the past four years Minnesota went from having one contest a year to having three contests, all of which he has put in a ton of time in getting them off the ground. I know firsthand how much work goes into running one of these contests, six years ago I myself started a contest named the Mid Iowa Classic.

Now I called in this contest and didn’t fare so well but that is contest calling, it’s a blind judged contest (meaning the judges can’t see who is calling) and no matter how it shakes out I always love the experience. I called clean in the Open but not to the level I wanted too but it is what it is. I’m working on just getting into the Friction more and after placing 3rd at the Iowa State Contest last month I had high hopes but wasn’t able to put together the kind of run worthy of placing. Owl Hooting is one of my favorites and I was able to win 3rd place in this division which made it all worth it.

Now one of the coolest contests is the kids divisions, the Poults and Jakes, had those calls running. These kids are awesome! Connor Wall has quickly become the kid to beat in the mid west. He is killer on a box call, and not only did the other Poults division callers find this out, so did the adults in the Hunter Division. Connor Won the Poults Division and Hunter Division. Now Connor had some strong competition in the Jakes Division as he finished second to Gracie Herman. Gracie has also been around the turkey calling contest world for some time, traveling to many contests with her dad Doug Herman. I’m told to date when she and Connor have met in a division, she holds the edge 2 to 1. The kids are the future of any sport and it’s really a lot of fun to watch them coming up in this one.

One last note; a Big Thank You to everyone with the 73rd King Turkey Day Festival in Worthington, MN and the MN NWTF, for putting on this contest. Thank you to the NWTF volunteers and judges, without that hard work there wouldn’t be a contest to go too. If you would like more info on NWTF Turkey Calling Contest and how to start one of your own, check out this link:


2012 King Kaller – Worthington, MN – Full Results:

Open: 1st Shane Simpson, 2nd Brandon Schaefer, 3rd Don Morshead, 4th Douglas Herman, 5th Steve Morganstern

Friction: 1st Douglas Herman, 2nd Brandon Schaefer, 3rd Steve Morganstern, 4th Edwin Shirts, 5th Shane Simpson

Owl Hooting: 1st Shane Simpson, 2nd Steve Morganstern, 3rd Curtis Goettsch

Gobbling: 1st Shane Simpson, 2nd Edwin Shirts, 3rd Douglas Herman

Hunter: 1st Connor Wall, 2nd Shawn Moore, 3rd Edwin Shirts

Jakes: 1st Gracie Herman, 2nd Connor Wall

Poults: 1st Connor Wall, 2nd Adrianna Rice, 3rd Clara Wall

 Photo Credit: Chris Wall