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Iowa Shotgun Deer Season 1 Report (191 Gross)

The deer camps I stopped by last week, the report was warm weather and fog was making it harder to find the deer. Also many felt that they were seeing about the same to fewer deer then last year. I think the numbers on the Iowa Harvest Reporting page show this as well. The total harvest for last year (2011/12 season) was 121,407 which were about 4.5% lower than in 2010 harvest according to the IDNR.

You can find the full IDNR 2011/12 season report here, 2011-2012 Hunting Season Results start on page 10: http://www.iowadnr.gov/Portals/idnr/uploads/Hunting/2011_logbook.pdf

Looking at the Harvest Reporting Numbers for this current season after Gun 1 the numbers look like this: Does (29887), Antlered Bucks (32475) Button Bucks (6305) Shed-Antler Bucks (98) Total Deer (68765)


Now I’m far from an expert in statistics but I think it will be very hard for the harvest numbers to reach the IDNR estimates of 100,000 to 120,000. As of today (12/7/2012) total harvest reported is at 68765. With only a 9 day 2nd shotgun season, which is sure to see the highest harvest numbers of all remaining seasons, a late muzzleloader season, and a January Antlerless season only open to a few counties with left over tag on December 15th. One thing is clear we have put a sizeable dent in the deer population here in Iowa over the last five years. I will be hunting this weekend, will update here on VOM each night after the days hunt, wish me luck!

This guys first buck! Gross green score is 191 2/8


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