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Hunting is my passion, as I can imagine it is the passion for most everyone here. I was born with this drive to pursue wild game, to harvest an animal and bring to my table the meat provided. Ever since I was old enough to remember I have been hunting. Growing up in Dallas, Texas with a father who has a passion for the outdoors I can remember long sits in the deer blind, the pre-dawn hours nestled into the tall milo fields waiting on the first signs of doves and of course the great fishing that the lakes around our house provided.

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EricFirstDeerHunting has always been a passion of mine, a part of daily life that I have been raised around since before I was able to walk. But hunting is not the main frame in every household and that holds true for my husband. We have been together for ten years total and just recently he has shown an interest in hunting. He has usually assisted me when I take my falconry birds hunting, he seems to truly enjoy that. But he had never really shown an interest in any other form of hunting nor joining me in the field. But two years ago he started showing an interest in wanting to hunt and I assume to spend more time with me in the field and enjoying what I love to do best.

EandMInBlindInstead of placing him directly into a Hunters Education course, I bought him an apprentice tag. In the state of Missouri such a tag is available to anyone who has an interest in hunting but wishes to “feel the ropes” before making a commitment to taking a Hunters Education class. With this permit he is allowed to hunt right alongside a permitted hunter who has taken the Hunters Education course and can be no more than whispering distance. This permit is available for a two year time at which point they have the choice of taking Hunters Education or not hunting.

My husband’s first year with his apprentice permit proved to be a great one. He was able to harvest his first deer at my side and then share in my harvest as well. He joined me in the field to watch turkey hunting and again, this year, he spoke of an interest to rifle hunt deer again. EricReadingHuntersEdThough his tags were unfilled, he truly enjoyed the time we spent out doors and even asked to go again during our special doe season. He has now gone on several squirrels hunts with his rifle and will be taking his Hunters Education course this coming spring just in time to be ready to go on his first turkey hunt to hopefully harvest his first bird.


Sometimes, as hunters, we tend to forget that there are people all around us who have an interest in hunting. These people may not have someone who can take them, they may have never held a gun before or perhaps, as in the case of my husband, they merely wish to spend more time alongside their significant other and partake in what their passion is. Whatever the case may be, I urge every single hunter to take someone new out hunting. Introduce them to our wonderful sport, show them why we do what we do. They can be young or old, age is not factor when it comes to hunting. Just get them outside, get them into nature and watch as that passion is ignited in their eyes.

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