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From Field to the Table


By Jimmie Green

When I go out hunting and I’m listening to Gods creatures coming alive in the cool morning it is the most relaxing and enjoyment a person can have. You got the sun rising up on a cool morning and your fingers and toes are little nippy, but I rather be in the woods than sitting on the couch. My hunts are all successful even if I don’t harvest an animal, but when I do kill an animal that’s a bonus to me it’s not about the kill but more about the experience. When you kill the animal you are hunting for, that’s when the work begins, after the animal expires the first step is to make sure you tag the animal to make that animal legal.

freezerThen some people will cut off the musk glands on the inside of the deer’s hind legs. Next gutting the animal, cleaning everything out. If you are at a place where you can skin the animal, that’s the best thing to do to get the meat cooled down as quickly as possible. If you can’t skin the animal get some ice bags and insert them in the cavity of the animal that way the meet has a way to cool down. Then however you want to process your game either your self or by using a professional butcher. I think that’s one keys to getting good tasting meat. The other key is how old the animal is, the younger the animal many times means more tender the meat but even if you kill and old deer there are always ways of making meet tender. Such as, you could soak the meat in milk, or you can use marinades to tenderize the meat and to give it a lot of flavor. I love cooking wild game meat, below is a recipe I would like to share. I get many of my recipe’s off  websites. See more at: http://outdoorchannel.com/article.aspx?id=17944#sthash.ftIH8tyH.dpuf


1 pound bacon
2 pounds cubed deer meat
2 medium turnips, cut up
1 large can Veg-All
1 can tomato sauce (16 oz.)
1 onion, diced
Salt, to taste
1 bay leaf

Freshly-ground black pepper, to taste


Fry the bacon first and then use drippings to brown floured deer meat (or beef).
Put browned meat in a slow cooker and pour in the liquid from the Veg-All.
Add the tomato sauce, the diced onion and cut up turnips. (Add water as needed to obtain desired consistency.)
Cook in crock pot 3 to 4 hours on HIGH (all day on LOW) or until meat is very tender.
Add Veg-All vegetables and bacon and cook an additional 15 minutes.

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