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Food Plots Lookin’ Good

Needs more sunlight!!

Needs more sunlight!!

Well the spring planted food plots look great. Now is the time to start planning your later summer plantings. I have a few I will be putting in about 3 weeks. This means I need to do a little prep work first. So I will a week before I want to plant spray the area. A good hard burn down will just make getting a good seed bed that much easier when it comes time to plant.

Here are some pictures of the spring planted plots. As you might be able to see one plot looks better than the other. This has to do with how much more sunlight one plot is getting then the other one.

Lookin' Great!!

Lookin’ Great!!

While I’m in doing my spray work next weekend I might need to open up the canopy, to get more light to this other plot.

I also pulled a card from a trail cam on this farm and have a picture on one nice buck. For this farm he looks to need another year. Then again he still has a month plus to do some growing. Maybe he will take off. I’m really hoping to see a buck I called Shorty show up on the cams. He was in the mid-160s last year as a 4.5 year old. If he is still around he should be a monster.

Check back for more!!

Check back for more!!

Later this week I’ll share a buck profile of Shorty, I got a ton of picture from last year, plus I had a few encounters with him while hunting.


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