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My hunting passion was started at a young age. Watching my Dad and Uncles hunt for deer, pheasants, and quail. I was hooked. I started by shooting sparrows with a bb gun. As I continued to grow so did my drive to hunt and fish. When I turned 14 and had completed hunter safety it was time to hunt doves and deer. I shot my first deer at the age of 16 with a rifle in Nebraska. As I got older I found archery hunting, shooting my first deer with a bow was a new found passion. After that I put the rifle away and it was archery and muzzleloader from their on.

Food Plot Update

20150717_171728September 1 is fast approaching and in Nebraska that is opening day for archery season. I have done a lot of work this year with food plots. I wanted to share with you a quick food plot update. We have 4 food plots on the farm this year. Two are planted in Pheasant Forever mix that is corn heavy another is Whitetail Institute clover mix and the last one will be planted in turnips.

20140417_200319We start of by burning off what ever we had planted the year before. We use controlled burn methods by plowing around the area we are planting to create a good bearer. Then we also use wet lines and back burning so we can control it and it doesn’t get to big. If you have ever had a fire jump a wet line or plowed bearer and get out of control you know why we use all of these methods combined.

20150717_171716Once burned we wait a day or 2 and we go in and disk up the field. Once done with that we will run a harrow through it and smooth it out. I go in and seed it with a hand seeder after that. Then as we all know it’s time to pray for some rain. This year we didn’t have to wait to long for the rain it came the next day.

The clover field is coming in nicely. There is a lot of clover but it is beneath some weeds and brome grass that I will have to mow off a couple of times this year but hopefully it will pay off with more deer in the field during the fall.

SUNP0110I have been running trail camera on the food plot planted in clover this year to see what’s coming and going. To say the least I have been pleased with the pictures I have gotten. Most people only care about the bucks in there area but I like to see the does especially does with fawns. I like to know that the is going to be heard for the year but don’t get me wrong a good shooter buck does get me anxious for the season to start. I look forward to showing you more trail cam photos and hopefully a few hunts on video.

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