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Hunting is my passion, as I can imagine it is the passion for most everyone here. I was born with this drive to pursue wild game, to harvest an animal and bring to my table the meat provided. Ever since I was old enough to remember I have been hunting. Growing up in Dallas, Texas with a father who has a passion for the outdoors I can remember long sits in the deer blind, the pre-dawn hours nestled into the tall milo fields waiting on the first signs of doves and of course the great fishing that the lakes around our house provided.

First of the Season

Here in Missouri our bow season opens on September 15th and runs until January 15th. This gives us four months of bow hunting for white-tail, save for the ten days of rifle season in which case you must use a rifle tag if you wish to chase deer with your bow. I was in London, England for the opening day of bow season, celebrating my honeymoon/one year wedding anniversary with my husband. It was warm here opening week, and I was anticipating the cooler weather that would be pushing through the week of my return back to America.

My first week back to work after my vacation and all I could think about was getting into the stand. I had hung a set on public land and my first sit gave me nothing but wonderful views of the sunset. My second was the same, but I was watching the sunrise this time. A day later and I was re-thinking my set, scouting new locations to hunt when I was offered to hunt on 600 acres of private land. Besides the hired help, who rarely hunts, I was the only other person granted permission to hunt on the property. Situated in the rolling Ozark mountains I am more than grateful for being granted this opportunity to hunt such a pristine landscape.

I was given the grand tour of a few of the stands already in place, none of which have been hunted in five years. We jumped a doe, who instead of running merely trotted 50 yards in front of us, stopped and stood staring at us and then behind her. Leaving without disturbing her more I returned an hour later. It is a perfect location to find white-tails, situated along a creek edge with a ridge to the right and the creek to my left. Deer travel both routes and I had climbed into the stand at 4pm.

October12015DeerHarvestIt took me a few minutes to situate myself and my gear before I was ready to fill a tag. And I did not have to wait long. At 4:30 I hear movement from behind me, near the location of where I had last seen the doe. I spot two does and a fawn. I gather up my bow, clip in my release and just have time to feel that first rush of adrenaline before they are 10 yards from me. I choose the doe who is clearly not nursing the fawn, drawn back, set my pin behind her shoulder and pull my release. She runs off, the doe and fawn stand staring after her and only decide to run away when they hear her crash in the woods beyond.

October12015DeerHarvest2First of the Season, was over in less than an hour, the first time that has happened. I debated on remaining until dark, to attempt to fill another tag but the location is perfect for a cruising buck and the opportunity to harvest another doe. I decided to leave as quietly as possible, gathering my harvest of clean, organic meat and am happy to process her while it was still daylight. With October upon us, the rut will be here soon and I am thrilled to see what this year brings. Good luck to everyone this season! I hope that you all bring home fresh venison and that deer you have been after for years past!

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