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Don’t Overlook, Fall Turkeys

“YOUR ADVENTURES” By Randy DuMez, Mossy Oak ProStaff

IMG_20130427_055435_469As the opener of archery season is approaching and we check the trail cameras, hang stands, get the food plots in order, and shoot our bows, don’t forget about the other season.  I used to always say fall turkey hunting is not near as much fun as in the spring.  Sure I always applied for a fall tag in Wisconsin and figured if one would walk by while I was bow hunting I might let an arrow fly at it.  Until last fall that is!

Some of my fellow turkey hunting addicts asked me why I didn’t fall hunt much.  I said I enjoy calling birds in the spring, but fall is when I am out hunting deer.  They said boy are you wrong.  Sure we have all heard of busting up a flock, sitting down, and calling them back in.  How about using a dog to do it?(make sure it is legal in your state.)  Why not just find a spot where birds have been feeding and sit down and call!  Well last fall I gave it a try and I am now hooked.

IMG952012092395073008I never really thought about calling fall birds, but they are even more vocal than in the spring.  I have listened to them while sitting in the treestand, but didn’t think much of it.  And yes, the toms will gobble.  Not as much as spring and not for quite the same reasons but they do. 

So what calls do you use most in fall?  The kee-kee is probably the most heard call in the fall woods.  It is used by the young of the year a lot when they get separated from the flock.    Assembly yelps is another good call.  The boss hens use it to gather the troops when separated.  Gobbler yelps are another must in the fall.  The gobblers and jakes are running in bachelor groups and they can’t resist going to see who the newcomer is in their area.  Also fighting purrs as boys will be boys, and the family groups don’t always get along so well.  Even throwing out a gobble can be productive.

IMG952012110495120916Food sources are your best bet, but as in any hunting, scouting is important.  Your trail camera can give you some real good info on when the birds are coming through.  I like to go either right away in the morning or even sleep in and go a little later in the morning.  If you bump birds, great, sit down wait 10 minutes and start calling. 

So if you haven’t tried the fall turkey thing, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.  Plus it takes up a little of your time during that October lull with the deer.




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