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When I’m not hunting or fishing you will catch me honing my bow skills on the 3D range, living in Missouri offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. I hope you will stay tuned to Victory Outdoors for my blog posts and informative videos.

Deer Season Conditioning

IMG_0551When turkey season ends in the spring that’s when my Preparation & Conditioning starts for the upcoming deer season, the very first thing I do is take the turkey breast from the birds I harvested that spring, and use those as one source of my protein, I try to stay away from red meats but anything wild that you harvested (deer, elk even bison) is a great lean source of protein. Even fish they are better for you than anything you can get in a store. Then I get all the vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, squash, carrots, and then I get my starchy carbs like bananas, rice (brown, wild) and sweet potatoes, I also take supplements in between, try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. As always drink lots of water. One thing I should point out, I am in NO way an expert when it comes to this subject but I know what works for me over the years.

IMG_0118I found after all my years of hunting out of shape is for the deer and turkey, I know a few things I could do to improve my hunting experience. I’m not a fitness model and don’t have six pack abs (ok I do but you don’t see them ha ha ha) I just do what feels good to me. My job is very demanding I’m up every morning round 2am work till 3 or 4 in the afternoon and hit the gym that makes a long day. Hitting the gym is the key for conditioning your body. I’m not saying you should run right out and join a gym if you have weights lying around the house those will work just fine. What I do is a high intensity work out between weights and cardio.

IMG_0554My routine starts with

Monday – Legs & Chest

Thursday – Shoulders

Tuesday & Friday – Back, and Arms

Cardio in between it could be running, walking, riding a bike, or even going on a hike.

When I’m at the gym I use the elliptical or the rowing machines. When you get in a routine, and you have been doing it a while you will notice a change in your body and overall health, you just feel better. You want to change up your routine every now and then because you need to shock your body from doing the same thing over and over your body will get use to that routine. This leads to your body hitting a plateau. So if you have problems finding a work out to like. Look to YouTube for different routines and workouts. DON’T OVER DO IT… Lift the weight that’s right for you don’t try to lift to heavy especially beginners. Eat healthy because when deer season does come you will be prepared mentally, and physically, making you capable of doing the job this fall. So good luck, great hunting and stick with Victory Outdoors for all your hunting tips and information.

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