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Obsessed with bowhunting whitetails and running trail cams! Love fishing, 3D Archery, camping, and teaching hunter education. Been a member of the Mossy Oak ProStaff since 2008 and is excited to become a part of the team here at Victory Outdoors.

Chilly 3D Shoot

20150125_091227I attended my first outdoor 3D shoot of the year Sunday morning. It was the appropriately named “blizzard shoot” at the Anamosa bowhunters club. This is my local club, so I try to make as many of the shoots as I can to help support them. I walked out the door in the morning and the wind was howling and the snow was coming down. I gave it quite a bit of thought and just about stayed home, but I really wanted to get out and get some shooting in, plus they make an excellent breakfast, so I fired up the truck and headed out.

20150125_084349After breakfast, I hit the course with another member of the club. Once we got down in the valley the wind wasn’t too bad, and the temperature was tolerable. We were the first on the course, and the only people out there for the quite a while. It was pretty cool watching the snow drop off each target as the arrow hit.  I didn’t set any course records, but for the first shoot of the year in the cold and wind I feel I shot pretty well. I look forward to a great season of shooting, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t tried shooting 3D to give it a shot. It’s great practice and a lot of fun.


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