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Iowa Buck Down… On the board

It was that time of the year, fall crisp air and a full moon days away. It was time to be in the deer woods. I was hunting an area that I knew had two good bucks that had made my hit list for 2012. I had one of those very bucks at 20 yards […]

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Almost Closed the Deal on Lucky

Had the best bow hunt I have had this year so far! Didn’t get the shot off but I had deer start to finish. It was a warm Sunday afternoon and I wasn’t in a hurry to get to my stand. Got to my stand at 5:15PM and had just got settled in. I spotted […]

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Lookin’ to the Fields for Early Whitetails

Early! Early! Early! I can’t wait for opening weekend. I take the first chance I can to get out and hunt whitetails.  I live for the openers; I like to use this time to hunt from a blind or a tree stand on the edge of a field, because one thing it does is allow […]

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Kansas Whitetails “YOUR ADVENTURES” with Brandon Wilmoth

The Kansas Plan That Worked It’s not always that a plan works in the great outdoors but it worked for me during the Kansas muzzleloader season. I had set up several ground blinds along bean fields on my eastern Kansas farm prior to the opening of the season.  Tagging along on my first hunt of […]

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“Weather” to hunt? or “Whether” to hunt? Is it even a question?

The Midwest is in for a large cool down. This weekend lows in my area will hit mid to upper 20s. This will be the first hard frost for my area.  Two things I hope it brings;  1. Deer movement & 2. Kills midge fly. The midge fly is the cause of a lot of […]

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“No-Plow” Food Plot Update

Even without much rain this year the “No-Plow” food plots worked just as I had hoped. Sure the plots that got more sunlight did better but I didn’t expect them to grow like “field” plots. For review the landowner had harvested a few trees this past winter and we now had some openings in the forest […]

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Okay it’s that time of the year to start putting together a Potential Hitlist of bucks we might like to shoot. Now I did say “potential” because trail cam pictures are great but they can be deceiving. Sometimes I just need to see that buck to know for sure if he is a shooter. Most of […]

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Trailcam Update August 1st

These pictures are from two different cams that I pulled cards on August 1st, the trail cams are about ten miles apart but these are two of my better locations for getting mid to late summer pictures of bucks. Now I have good numbers of bucks on these sets, no real monsters but a few bucks worth watching. […]

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Food Plots Part 3 of 3…Clover Mixes aka Green Browse

Clover Clover is considered by many to be the most universal deer food and the reputation is not without merit. I can’t lie to you, it’s my favorite; I use it on every price of land I help manage, some more than others. Clover is easy to establish in most regions of the country and […]

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Hunters Don’t Sleep…. Trail Cams

I have had my trail cams out since the last day for turkey season; I know I’m a little overboard but with the cams on the market today why not. Most good ones run on a set of batteries for 9 months to a year, if the settings are right. So far this year I […]

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Food Plots…. Part 1 of 3

Start Planning For Next Season…  Now This is the first part of a three part blog on food plots, there is just not enough time or interest of the reader to want to read 2000 word spread on food plots all at once, we hunters are busy people. This is why I’m going to break […]

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