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I have always had a passion for the outdoors. I was born and raised in the country and it all started when I went on my first squirrel hunt. I became attached to the hunting world. I enjoy sitting on the field edge at the break of morning calling in that big Tom, or that moment I’m at full draw putting my 20 yard pin on a nice buck. It all comes down to being honored to just have the opportunity to be able to enjoy a passion that all hunter bond with.

Youth Pheasant Hunt

From hitting the books to hitting the outdoors

IMG_1508Today myself and fellow Mossy Oak Prostaff member, Ryan Recker, had a great time introducing the youth into the world of pheasant hunting.  Three Hills Hunting Preserve had given us the opportunity to put on a youth pheasant hunt today.  The event was a great chance for 11 kids to get a break from the books and hit the outdoors to lock on some pheasants for the freezer.  We started the event with Ryan giving a safety into to all of our young hunter from the ages from 11-15 years old, after than I had taken the kids to the trap rang to blast at a few clays to get in the swing of things. We had a few youth that this was there first time shooting clays and we also had a few that you could tell this was not there first rodeo.

IMG_1514With 11 kids we split into two groups to hunt two areas, after getting groups together her headed to the field and introduced the group to the dogs and the handlers.  Ron, owner of three hills had planted 12 birds for each group.  I’m not sure who was more energetic to start hunting more the dogs or the kids.  As the day went on there where a lot of good shots and kids dropping birds, with a few hours spent in the field we all headed back to camp to clean birds and grab some lunch. As we all sat around eating some awesome food grilled up by Three Hills staff, the kids would share their stories with one another and say how they can’t wait till next year to do it again. It’s always great to get the youth into the outdoors and make memories if you ever have the chance to take a youth hunting don’t pass it up, younger generations are the ones to hold up the sport of hunting.IMG_1520

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