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When Opportunity Knocks

IMAG0477This week has been a little slow but coyote hunting should start to pick up soon. I have not made it out to try any calling but did talk to a few buddies who have and have had little luck. It’s close to the breeding season and any time now they should start coming to the call. Good luck to all who are still hunting.

On another note an opportunity happened to pop up last weekend. I was given the opportunity to join a prostaff for a calling company.

Not just any company but the one and only WoodHaven Custom Calls. For years I have always carried a call or two of theirs in my vest. For those who have hunted with me know I have a ton of calls but to that end I have always wanted a call that I have confidence in. There is no doubt that WoodHaven makes great calls, they are all turkey and time tested.

WoodhavenLogoA bit more from WoodHaven’s own website:

“At WoodHaven Custom Calls, building calls is not just a hobby, it is REAL life! We are driven to produce the most realistic calls available, guaranteed! Our quality, consistency, and integrity are second to none! Myself, and the small but dedicated staff are committed to providing you the consumer with the best call we can build, every time. Each WoodHaven Custom Call is hand built to an exact standard. If it isn’t right, the call is culled and thrown away, not packaged.”

“You, as the consumer are guaranteed to get the first quality call from a WoodHaven package, every time. Either my hands or those of another professional touch every call. Our livelihood depends upon our ability to put our names and reputations into every call that goes into a WoodHaven package.”

TurkeyWoodHaven Custom Calls have been a very well known company for years now. I’m proud and honored to have been asked to be a part of the prostaff.

This move for me meant stepping down from a prostaff position with Commando Hunting Product, a position I had held for two years. They are a great company in their own right and I wish Matt and everyone in the Commando family the best of luck. Commando Hunting Products may continue to be a sponsor on this website but I will no longer be representing them on a personal level.


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