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Weekend Update: Food Plots, Trail Cams, 3D Shoots

Hang out at Pikes Peak Archery Josh Funk and myself.

Hanging out at Pikes Peak Archery                  Josh Funk and myself.

Well it was a weekend full of 3D Archery for me. I started Saturday morning by heading to my local archery shop, Pikes Peak Archery. They had an Open House going on and had a little help from the Echo Valley Archers who put on a 30 target shoot. I shot well shooting 282 out of 300. Even with the wind picking up I seemed to shoot better as the day went on.

I checked a few trail cams I had set 3 weeks ago. Had lots of pictures of does and fawns, as well as many year old bucks. I was glad I check them as I needed to adjust the height on one of them as I had mostly pictures of heads and necks. It was what I expected for this time of the year. I pick up most of my shooter bucks starting July 1st or so.

While I was there I checked on the food plots that we seeded 3 weeks ago. They had a ton of rain on them so I didn’t know what I would find. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was growing well and had not washed from the rains.

curt1Sunday I was headed to shoot the Aiming for a Cure 3D Shoot w/ Waltonian Archers in Toddville, IA. They had a good turnout of 150 shooters. I shot with a few different groups as I worked though the course. I had shot so well Saturday, I was excited to see if it would carry over to Sunday. It did in a big way, I shot my best score ever for a 40 target course, shooting 390 out of 400. Now one thing that is different at Waltonian Archers is they permit the use of a rangefinder. Last year at this shoot I tied for 1st place without the aid of a rangefinder but this year’s score was good for 3rd.  I had never shot a 3D shoot using one, mostly because the clubs I shoot at ban them. Now I have shot at Waltonian Archers before I just hadn’t used a range finder. I normally shot around the upper-370s, I would have to say it did help some. With that being said I shoot a few indoor shoots that have marked yardage as well, so I’m not sure that there is much of a difference.


On the 48 Chevy, the owner of said car, Hans H Goettsch, middle Hans Curtis Goettsch, back row Hans L Goettsch.

On the 48 Chevy, the owner of said car, Hans H Goettsch, middle Hans Curtis Goettsch, back row Hans L Goettsch.

Sunday was also Father’s day and I spent a little time reflecting about how my father has impacted my life. He sure has set the bar high, I will see him later this week as he is visiting the great state of Iowa. That also got me thinking about my Grandfathers, one who we lost this past year. All three have had a great impact on who I am today.

Thank You Dad (Hans L. Goettsch), Grandpa Goettsch (Hans H. Goettsch) and Grandpa Baker (Curtis Baker).


Hans Curtis Goettsch (my full name)