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“Weather” to hunt? or “Whether” to hunt? Is it even a question?

The Midwest is in for a large cool down. This weekend lows in my area will hit mid to upper 20s. This will be the first hard frost for my area.  Two things I hope it brings;  1. Deer movement & 2. Kills midge fly. The midge fly is the cause of a lot of whitetail deer death called EHD or Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease. If you would like to know more about EHD check out this link: http://www.michigan.gov/emergingdiseases/0,1607,7-186–26647–,00.html

The area I live in has seen some of this but thankfully we have not been hard hit by EHD. Some of my hunting friends around the mid-west have had it much worse. Finding lots of dead deer near and on land they hunt. As bad as that is this cool down could help by killing a few of the midge flies and help slow this down.

But that has nothing to do with my question. Will you be hunting this weekend? Some of my fellow hunters have told me they don’t hunt early or that it’s too early to be out. By looking at facebook I see there are a lot of big bucks being killed right now. Rest assured I’ll be hunting this weekend. Now the weather looks like it will be timed perfectly for the weekend. Great for some of us weekend warriors. I have always found that when you get a good cold snap that I see more deer, nothing really scientific about it just is what I have seen over the years.

Now I understand what some of my hunting buddies are saying, they don’t want to sit in stands and “burn them out”. I get it, and I don’t hunt stands unless the wind is right. I’ll give a set up a break but my question is will this change in weather change whether or not you hunt? I’m not much of a fair weather hunter. I hunt as much as I can when I can. I have taken off a week in November in the past to hunt the rut here in Iowa but I do most of my hunting on the weekends. So it takes a lot to keep me from the woods.

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Greatest news of all I have a buck who seem to be passing by my stand every morning just before shooting light. So if he stays on that same pattern I might get a shot, I’m kind of hoping he is running a little late. Not that I wish to fill my Iowa tag this early, for me I love hunting the rut and it’s weeks away but it would be hard to pass on this buck any day of the season.



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