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Video: Missouri Longbeards X 2


20 lbs, 10" Beard, 1" Spurs

20 lbs, 10″ Beard, and  1″ Spurs

Had a great trip to The Show-Me State, it was my first time hunting turkeys in Missouri. Thomas Allen and I had the great privilege of hunting with a friend in common, Ty Green. I had just met Ty earlier this year but Thomas and he go way back. Ty is the manager of  Bucks & Beards Outfitters in Worth County, MO. 

It was to be a short trip as we only had two days to hunt. Plus in Missouri you can only hunt turkey until 1PM. That made for limited time afield. The first day came and went just like that, we had a hard time finding a turkey that wanted to play the game. Oh there are tons of turkeys, they just didn’t want to play. Henned up? Maybe… Didn’t much matter, they didn’t want to work.

B&BDay two and we had a new plan. It again it seemed we were close but things just didn’t work out. Feeling the pressure of the last day we head for another farm. We spotted a tom strutting for three hens in hay field and it was game on. Thomas had wanted to try a new technique that we both had heard so much about. It’s is bellycrlawing into a field using a turkey fan to hind behind. The idea is to get within range for a shot. Thomas, on his first try made it happen, and made us both believers.  

Check out the video below for how I filled my tag in Missouri. 


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