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Update… No Plow Food Plots

Week Two Overview

Week Two: from 20 yards away

Well these food plots are doing great so far. We got about 2 inches of rain the first week and by the end of week one, we had seedlings. I couldn’t have asked for a better start, and in week two we got a splash of rain again but only about a half an inch. As you can see by week two it has greened up and looks even from 20 yards away like a food plot.

We also got lucky with some cooler than normal weather and that has helped  the clover, the thing with clover food plots is the earlier the better as far as planting goes. May 19th was late and I blame that on my turkey hunting.

Now I do have a trailcam out and there were deer in the plot the first night but that there wasn’t much to eat but I’d guess they wanted to check out what had happened. I have trailcam pictures of tom turkeys, bucks, does and raccoons.

In fact I pulled the card after one week to make sure I was getting good pictures. I had 1300+ picture my first thought was “oh no” a lot of the time some tailcams can take pictures of “nothingness” but to my surprise almost all the pictures had an animal in them. I plan to post a few of those pictures with the next update, until then well I’m back to hoping for rain again.




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