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Midwest Bucks is the driving force behind my addiction to bow hunting, but not far behind is getting up close and personal with gobbling thunder chickens in spring.

TW’s First Card Pull

My beautiful picture


After having my cameras out for over a month it was finally time for my First Card Pull.  Well I have checked one anyway.  The camera I checked is on a 145 acre farm just three miles from my house.  This is not one of my “good” farms but it is one that is close enough that I can hunt when I don’t have a lot of time, however after this card pull I might want to invest a little time here…

I want to introduce you to three shooters off this farm.  The first is Devito: I call him Devito because he is short, stubby and wide.  He may push twenty-five inches inside.

My beautiful picture

Not Much

Next I have a deer I call “Not Much”.  His name say’s it all, he won’t score much, but he is old and mature.  I kinda hope he doesn’t walk by and temp me early on in the


Finally this is a deer I have named “Rockstar” because I would love to make Him famous.


My beautiful picture



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