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Trailcam Update August 1st

These pictures are from two different cams that I pulled cards on August 1st, the trail cams are about ten miles apart but these are two of my better locations for getting mid to late summer pictures of bucks. Now I have good numbers of bucks on these sets, no real monsters but a few bucks worth watching.

Like most of us, I have a ton of pictures of does and fawns. A good thing as far as hunting goes but looking at over 8000 pictures from only two trail cams….. Well it’s time consuming. Even though I don’t have any true monsters, I know I always get pictures on these two farms later in the fall of bigger bucks. Why? Well most of the time I get the bigger bucks on scrap sets in mid to late October, so I’m not too worried. As I stated here are a few of my better pictures, up to this point.

 Note: if you click on the pic you get a better view

Okay this one I had to zoom in, he seems to be camera shy, I had a few pictures of him but all are about 25 to 30 yards from the Trail Cam set. This also makes it hard to know how good of a buck he is??? Picture was taken 7/26/2012 at 6:10 AM.



This buck is very cool looking but seem to be a little on the young side, might need a year or two.


Good mass but again he looks to be young.


One last pic of this buck, very cool right side on this buck!!


Here is a good pair, a nice 10 point and good looking 8 point, again they may need a year, but still fun to look at.



Now off of the same cam comes this picture, something moved the cam on the tree but I still got this picture of this buck, looks to be a nice 11 point hard to tell how good from this picture but I hope to get better pictures soon.




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