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Growing up hunting has taught me many life qualities, such as patients, determination, vigor, and even humility. Hunting is something that gets into your blood and will never come out, but for me it is more than that.

Trail Camera Excitement

PICT0006_001Finally the time of checking trail cameras has come for me. It’s always an exciting feeling when; you have a chance to see what pictures you have on the camera that you put out there. It’s a self-fulfilling feeling for me personally. I did all the work, I trimmed all the trees, I put the camera there, I planted the food plots, and I know these deer.

EK000074_001Maybe it’s the photographer in me, but there is more than just getting that monster buck on camera. I mean don’t get me wrong that is basically the point but there is a bigger picture to me. I’m more excited to see what I got on the card. What exciting moments did I capture? And sadly the question of, did anyone trespass while I was away. While the worries will always remain, the chances of patterning that shooter buck are still there. The older I get the more cameras I acquire. The more cameras the better chance I have in finding out deer routes.

EK000036_001Now this year has had its up and downs thus far. I’ve been fallowing a buck for the past few years that was pushing the 200 inch limit last year and I have not had a picture of him this year. But where he is lacking, other bucks stepped up. I have had nearly ten bucks come through in the mid I 150s that are all prospects. These bucks are showing up in daylight as well as at night. The excitement is more dominant in one timber because I can see resemblances of the big 200 inch buck in some of these younger bucks. Ultimately these next few years should be good for me.

EK000330_001Having cameras out year after year allows you to develop a history with not only the timber, but the animals as well. Knowing how old the deer are is a big factor in not only harvesting your animal but keeping the population in check as well. Getting out there and placing cameras is a great way to keep busy during summer and staying in shape. It allows you to know your surroundings as well as what to expect, and knowing is half the battle.

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