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Midwest Bucks is the driving force behind my addiction to bow hunting, but not far behind is getting up close and personal with gobbling thunder chickens in spring.

Summer Tips for Success This Fall

1Here we are summer has been officially been upon us for a couple of weeks.  If you are like me you are wondering where the spring went and hoping fall will get here soon.  I am writing this short article to encourage each of you readers to make the most of your summer time.  How you prepare over these next couple of months can be the difference in filling a tag or eating a tag this coming fall.  Here are three tips that I hope you take to heart over the next couple of months as opening day approaches. Shoot often, if you are a bow hunter like me then hopefully you enjoy shooting your bow as much as possible.  If my schedule allows I try and shoot at least three or four days each week through the summer.  This is good because it keeps your “bow muscles” in tune will help keep your form in check.  Shooting is great, but perfect practice creates consistency and that is the key to accuracy especially when trying to keep your composure when that big buck stops in your shooting lane.  I’m not telling you to go shoot a hundred arrows a day, in fact I think often times less can be more3.  I would much rather someone shoot twenty perfect shots than to burn themselves out flinging arrows down range.  That is actually a way to develop bad habits.  I would also recommend doing some research and finding some local 3-D shoots to attend.  I love shooting 3-D tournaments, in my opinion these offer a very realistic hunting simulation for the average hunter and they are a lot of fun too.  Find a couple of buddies take a trip and fling some arrows at some foam.

Next I would also suggest putting out mineral supplements and game cameras.  Here at Victory Outdoors we choose Monster Raxx Minerals, supplements and food plots.  We have several videos on Monster Raxx products so please check them out.  These minerals will not only help with antler growth and overall nutrition but it will also help you take an inventory on what deer may be in your area.   This is a great bit of information to know when assimilating your hit list for 2014.  Here is a picture of a buck we call “Surprise,” he showed up on our cameras during the pre-rut and has moved into the area.  I can’t wait to start getting pictures of him WGI_0125over our minerals this year.

Finally, I cannot express the importance of setting, clearing and hanging stands as early in the summer as possible.  When you are finished, stay out of those areas where stands are hung.  I like to have the element of surprise when hunting a mature whitetail.  If I wait until late August or September to start busting brush, cutting limbs, hanging stands, and clearing shooting lanes I am going to be educating deer that I am in the area.  However if I can get everything done by the middle of July and not penetrate that area until the wind is right during season I have now helped get the odds in my favor for catching a unsuspecting buck traveling through my stand sites. I hope these couple of tips help you prepare and make the most of your summer months.  Until next time be blessed and enjoy what God has created for us.  Thanks for reading.

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