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Growing up hunting has taught me many life qualities, such as patients, determination, vigor, and even humility. Hunting is something that gets into your blood and will never come out, but for me it is more than that.

TACTACAM Turkey Kill

IMG_20150425_111707206_HDR_2Spring is upon us whether we like it or not. This season has its ups and it’s downs but most people would agree spring is for the better. With this season here there are plenty of things that need done and things that are now available to do. You now can get out and get the food plots started, shed, mushroom and turkey hunting is all here now.

Turkey and deer  hunting to me is different in so many ways. I don’t get as much adrenaline as I do deer hunting but I do get other things. It’s a stepping stone for hunters. Turkey hunting is a great way to get new hunters in the wild. It’s warmer and a little easier then winter season. You get to see the wildlife wake up after a long winter. Turkeys are so much more verbal then deer. These little things begin to add up and form something pretty special.

IMG_20150425_111607398_HDRThe video I have attached was a spare the moment, get-r-done type of hunt. A I’m not here to hunt but if I must then sure I’ll throw in the camos and roll with it moment. A benefit of turkey hunting, is most of the time it’s slower. The turkeys don’t move as fast. Take there time strutting then walking a few steps. So when I heard the gobbles and saw the Tom in the distance, I knew I had a chance to get him on foot. Once I had the 20 gauge with the Tactacam attached, all dressed up in my Mossy Oak, it was off to the races. Well it worked out.
Gets me pumped and excited to head to the field for the 2016 season. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW

JeredSo far this spring turkey season has been positive for me. Started off youth season with a bang hunting with Jared Newton. We did a little spot and stalk and it worked out perfect.
With seasons approaching I’m gearing up to take out Jared’s sister (my beautiful girlfriend) out. Stevi has helped put in blinds and has been out checking cameras with me. I’ve been teaching her how to shoot and preparing for season for months. She’s excited so I’m excited. I get such a kick out of taking people out. Especially people who are just starting to hunt. There reaction to the littlest things is what I look for.

IMG_20160403The sounds, smells, even the feeling we take advantage of, the newbies notice. Stevi and Jared still have the curiosity of what things are and it motivates me to show them everything I can. I look forward to teaching everything I know to them and anyone who is wanting to learn. I’m excited to see what comes of this season. With the Hunters Specialties gear and equipment we are set up with everything from calls, decoys and tripods. The cameras from Tactacam and camo from Mossy Oak allow us to get the turkeys up close and personal, plus it allows us to look back on this day for years. All we need now is another bird to step out and let the Federal Ammunition do the dirty work.

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