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I’m obsessed with my trail cameras and run them year ‘round, catching everything from rutting bucks to sneaky coyotes and hungry bears. Turkey season keeps me busy in the spring and I buy tags for as many weeks as possible to keep an excuse to be out there! My favorite part of the hunt is calling, and I enjoy calling turkey in the spring, coyotes in the winter, and deer in the rut. I recently started a trapline and have snares set for fox and coyotes.

Skye’s Card Pull 1


2013 & 2014

2013 & 2014

My latest card pull was fun because I had a variety of game including bear, turkey, some cute fuzzy fawns and baby coons, as well as an old friend that returned.  It’s good to see two different sets of twins and some loan fawns that made it through Wisconsin’s worst winter in decades.  As usual, a bear wandered through to check out the Monster Raxx mineral site.  Daytime coon babies are pretty neat to witness, along with a nice Tom that strolled through.  I had many more pictures of hens and jakes, but the grass way too tall to see the young poults that accompanied them.  It was great to see that an old buck that I’ve had pictures of throughout the years is frequenting my Monster Raxx site almost daily.  As you can see, his growth is coming along great and he continues to put on mass.  I estimate this buck to be in his 5th year, so it will be interesting to see what his rack will look like in hard horn.  His body seems to be staying filled out and strong, though the sway in his back gets deeper with each passing year.  For now, I’ll put him on the #hitlist, but history has shown that he will disappear off the Earth in September, only to re-emerge in January, as if he hibernates for some months, staying nocturnal the whole way.


Monster Raxx BUCK GROWTH

Monster RAXX & Watch Them Grow



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