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That’s right, I have one question is he a shooter?

I love a Big Eight, the never score great but they can attract a lot of attention.

I know my answer to the question, and I’ll post it below but what do you think?

IMAG2392 IMAG1716 IMAG2391 IMAG2390 IMAG2384 IMAG2119 IMAG2093 IMAG2054 IMAG2053 IMAG2051 IMAG2047 IMAG2045 IMAG2031 IMAG2027 IMAG1724


Okay here is the thing, I think he is maybe 3.5 years old could be only 2.5. Remember these pictures are from Iowa. Will he be more then an 8 point, no most likely not… That doesn’t mean I’m going to kill him because if I had to make up my mind today, I would have to pass on this buck. He is just to young (based on body size) to kill this year. Would love to see him up close this fall but he could turn info a giant 8 point in 2016 and for that reason I’d pass. Feel free to tell me what you think. No judgment from me if you would kill him good for you he is a great looking buck!

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