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Growing up hunting has taught me many life qualities, such as patients, determination, vigor, and even humility. Hunting is something that gets into your blood and will never come out, but for me it is more than that.

Setting Trail Cameras

3On July 19th, I went out with my mother to a spot where I have had a stand for a few years now. I have yet to shoot or see anything with size there, but it has very good potential. Last year, right before bow season, I had a few nice bucks walk in front of the camera and hit the feed site. After season, I put down a bag of Monster Raxx Trophy Minerals and I was in for a shock when I came back. The deer have continued to search for that mineral site clear past the last bit was gone. The site spot was nearly knee deep and three foot wide. The deer were bobbing and weaving through the tree roots after the very last bit of minerals. Needless to say I came back and put the same minerals right back in the timber, just a few feet away this time! I gathered a few homemade feeders, pvc gravity feed with a trough type bottom, and put 5lbs of Monster Raxx in the feeder as well as 5lbs on the ground. This way I can tell if the deer will be more partial to the ground mix rather than the unusual feeder.

pic 1July 20th I went out alone to a newer location. Here my stand is on top of the bluffs and let me tell you carrying that feeder and the feed up that “mountain” on a 90˚ day got a little exhausting. Once I got up on top of the hill the stand look great, a lot of deer activity was showing up all around and mosquitoes were not as thick! The issue this time was there wasn’t an ideal tree to but the feeder on so I just put the minerals down and took the feeder back down with me. That’s how it works from time to time but this is why we love hunting.

2This is my second year of actually owning and running my own cameras. There is an unreal feeling when you get that nice buck on YOUR camera. It is a very big sense of self accomplishment as well as hope that that monster buck will walk in that same spot while you’re in the stand. I would advise any hunter to get a trail camera and run it as often as possible. Not only is it very enjoyable but it is very helpful tool as well. Monster Raxx helps bring the deer in and keeps them coming back. It is a product that has really blown me away and keeps me coming back for more!

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