Ryan Warrick

20140529_203906Field Staff Member

My hunting passion was started at a  young age. Watching my Dad and Uncles hunt for deer, pheasants,  and quail.  I was hooked.  I started by shooting sparrows with a bb gun. As I continued to grow so did my drive to hunt and fish. When I turned 14 and had completed hunter safety it was time to hunt doves and deer. I shot my first deer at the age of 16 with a rifle in Nebraska. As I got older I found archery hunting, shooting my first deer with a bow was a new found passion.  After that I put the rifle away and it was archery and muzzleloader from their on.

20150330_204507My 2 biggest buck to date have come by way of the muzzleloader. My next goal is to surpass those buck with a bigger using archery equipment.20150330_204450 I travel to South Dakota every other year to hunt in the Black Hills for mule deer, whitetails, and antelope. I also have a passion for duck hunting that you will see as time goes on. I look forward to this journey with Victory Outdoors and hope to share many of my exciting hunting, fishing, and general outdoor activities.