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Ty is an avid bowhunter, he hunts anything at anytime as long as he can! He has been known to find things to hunt with it even when most other bows are hanging up! He looks forward to sharing his adventures and hunts with you through Victory Outdoors. Stay Tuned!!!

First Trail Cam Card Pull

One of my favorite things about summer is checking my trail cams. I went out yesterday and pulled 3 cards. I had a total of 4500 pics it seemed to take forever to go through them all.

There are several things you stand to gain out of running your trail cams all summer long.


1. Your bucks, this is a no brainer you can see what bucks you have and watch them grow!


2. Your Does, Watching the health of your does and the numbers will help you make a better management plan for your ground. You can tell by body weight and other visual factors how the deer are doing health wise.



3. Your Fawns, You can see what the newest members to the deer herd are up too.



We also run a few cameras on Video and use this to see the deer behavior and help us monitor the herd health. The Video aspect helps us to see the deer move and feed. This is a super useful tool to have in your bag. SO there is no time like the present to get your cameras out and hung up and start planning what deer you are going to hunt this fall.

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