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When I’m not hunting or fishing you will catch me honing my bow skills on the 3D range, living in Missouri offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. I hope you will stay tuned to Victory Outdoors for my blog posts and informative videos.

Pre Spring Inventory

IMG_1954Well you have been thinking about this coming spring for awhile now,and now is a perfect time to do Inventory on what you have and don’t have. First thing I do is set everything out (I meant everything) lay it all out on the floor. Second separate calls, clothing, accessories, and decoys, now check your calls to make sure they are in good working order,your box call, pot calls, and strikers, locater calls, tube calls, and mouth calls. I only use mouth call for one season you might get two season out of them, if you take care of them. Mouth calls are pretty cheap if you need to buy a new one. Make sure to condition your pot call surface with a conditioning tool or I use just a plain old scuffing pad. Check your striker’s condition, any cracks or chip? On to locater calls check your call to make sure they sound like the critter your imitating, in other word practice a bit.

IMG_1961Accessories here’s a list knife, pruner, saw, binoculars, flashlight or head lamp, range finder, tags, maybe a GPS unit, & TP (toilet paper). Some people don’t use decoys but I always carry at least two, a Jake and a Hen. I might not always use them both but it depends on the set up and how the birds are reacting to my calls. There are so many decoy manufacturers, so choose the decoy that suits you. If you are a first time turkey hunter talk to other hunters or keep tuning in with the Victory Outdoors crew. Feel free to comment below and one of us can steer you in the right direction. On to clothing there’s not much to say about clothing make sure you are comfortable and you have the right CAMO for your terrain I only use MOSSY OAK OBSESSION and for your feet I use either a rubber boot or I have snake boots, either one will work. Use a sock that wicks away the moisture you do not want wet, and sore feet when chasing those thunder chickens.  Get a good turkey vest to carry everything, and keep everything organized so you know where all your calls are at for those times you need a call and you don’t have to fumble around looking for it. Last but not least your weapon of choice, may it be a Gun or Bow, keep your weapon clean and practice,practice,practice! Trust me when I say “if you think deer hunting is hard, I think Turkey hunting is more challenging”.  These birds have better eye sight than deer and some swear they can see you blink at 100 yards…. So hunt hard and be safe if you need and help or tips stop by the Victory Outdoors Page, or look us up on Facebook



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