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Midwest Bucks is the driving force behind my addiction to bow hunting, but not far behind is getting up close and personal with gobbling thunder chickens in spring.

October Lull

The Calm Before the Storm

I don’t know about you but I love this time of year.  Not because I am seeing bucks behind every tree or the fact that the hunting WGI_0106is off the chain exciting.  Actually for just the opposite reason.  This period from about October 12th through the 25th everyone slows way down.  Even doe movement has been slow for me.  Quite a change from early season October hunting when I was seeing around twenty-five deer a sit, and a couple of really good shooters.

Most hunters don’t look forward to the October Lull and from a hunting standpoint I don’t either, but what I love is the fact that in just a few short days we will be on the upswing the big time midwest rut.  The greatest time of the year in my opinion.  We are right in the calm before the storm.  The bucks are taking their time, getting their October Swoll on.  It is truly amazing to see the testosterone charged bucks come back after these couple weeks of shyness.  Many times it looks like their antlers shrunk because their bodies have blown up so much.

WGI_0108We are coming into a good time of year, don’t get discouraged right now.  Don’t worry about hunting hard at this point, in fact you may be doing more harm than good if you are going out just to sit in a stand.  Enjoy, the fall, leaves changing, football, and everything else this time of the year is starting because in a few short days it’s about to start happening.

Bring it on, I can’t wait. My beautiful picture

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