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NEW Wafer Blade and Blade Driver

Success Is In The Air With The New Wafer Blades And Blade Driver From Hunters Specialties

Wafer Blade

Wafer Blade

The new Wafer Blade and Blade Driver from Hunters Specialties™ help hunters easily disperse both cover and attractant scents over a wider area.

The new Wafer Blade design has been added to the popular HS Scent wafer line of products, with added surface area for greater scent dispersal. The Wafer Blade renews its strength when placed back into the original container and a set can last throughout the entire season. Wafer Blades can be pinned to clothing with the supplied safety pins, hung from a limb, or stored with clothing. Four versions are available including Fresh Earth and Natural Pine cover scents and 2 Hot Does and 180 Day Estrus attractants.

To increase scent coverage, Hunters Specialties also introduces the Blade Driver. Designed to hold the fan shaped Wafer Blade, the Blade Driver requires two AA batteries and spins the Wafer Blade to spread scent over a wider area. It comes packaged with a Fresh Earth scent wafer.

01015 Blade Driver

Blade Driver

The Wafer Blades come three to a pack and sell for a suggested retail price of $12.99.

The Blade Driver sells for a suggested retail price of $14.99.

For more information about other Hunters Specialties products, log onto the Hunters Specialties website at www.hunterspec.com, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321.


Hunters Specialties is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa based leading manufacturer and supplier of hunting accessories. Hunters Specialties manufactures and supplies quality hunting products, under the brand names, Hunters Specialties, H.S. Strut, Scent-A-Way, Buck Bomb, Carlton’s Calls, Johnny Stewart Predator calls, Vita-Rack, I-Kam Xtreme and others. The company’s customers include leading mass merchant and sporting goods retailers and distributors. For further information about Hunters Specialties, please visit their web site at www.hunterspec.com

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