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Monster Iowa 8 Point Pushing 150

Jesse Wegner harvested a true monster whitetail on Halloween. This was a buck Jesse had on trail cam this year and last. He wasn’t at all sure what it would score just knew it had great tine and main beam length. He has a rule on this farm that he will only shoot a buck bigger than the one he shot the year before. He knew that if given the opportunity it was a shooter and a wall hanger.

Jesse hadn’t seen much that night and it was getting dark fast. When he caught movement, he could tell it was a buck and looked to be a good one. The buck made its way to a scrape not more than 20 yards from his stand. At that point he knew it was the big eight point he had trail cam pictures of.

Buck Scored 147 3/8 Monster 8 Point

He drew back and held true, hit his mark perfectly and watched the buck fall. The buck got back up a few minutes later. Jesse was sure he went right back down but it was dark by then. The buck was about 45 yards away when he last saw him. He backed out just to be safe and went back after an hour and found the buck in the last place he saw him.

Being an avid bowhunter myself I know what a great feeling it is to set your sights on a buck or a few bucks, hunt for them and then get the kill. It really is hunting when you say that’s the buck or tag soup! It takes a lot to pass up a good buck to wait for a great buck but when you drop that trophy it makes it all worth it even if you don’t fill your tag every year. Congrats to Jesse Wegner on an amazing buck and good luck to everyone still hunting Mr. Big.

Buck Scored 147 3/8 Congrats Jesse!


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