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TJ Nagel has been involved in the outdoors his entire life. Hunting and fishing at every opportunity!

Missing Opening Weekend

TJ-2012If your anything like me (or any of the other millions of archery hunters in the hunting world), which if you’re reading this I can guess you are. You’re not just ready for deer season- you’re having trouble thinking of anything else. We all know it might not say it on a calendar, but it’s unlike any other holiday of the year.  My heart and mind are surrounded and filled with thoughts of trail cam pics, food plots that are in place. That perfect early season stand that has produced bigger buck sightings on unknowing monsters than any other I’ve ever known. Just as every other year of my over three decades of hunting, this year brings me hope and desires of bagging that trophy of a lifetime.

Rubs 1021120917This is the first time in my hunting life I will not be participating in the opening part or for that matter possibly the entire archery season!! Have you ever heard the expression “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone” well, that’s how I’m feeling right now. For a career archery hunter that lives for this time of year, this is unimaginable. I remember my days in college that I was only able to hunt on weekends, or times when work would dictate the number of days spent in the field. But I have never had thoughts of missing an entire season. I realize this in the bigger picture of life this is hardly earthshattering. I should be thankful for all the opportunities I have had over the years to enjoy Gods great outdoors.

The hard part of this is I’m in perfect health! I feel strong and energetic. I have no physical ailments that would or will prohibit me from entering the woods, just a move across the country for a new job that will force me to adapt to new circumstances.  Life sometimes gives us more than we can effectively handle, forcing us to make adult decisions. Even when we would prefer to take the easy way out and call in sick so we can play hooky, we must do the harder right and face life head on. I still hold out a small glimmer of hope that my new employer will have mercy with my new schedule allowing for even a few short days on the side of a tree in the woods.

IMAG0477I look forward to hearing all the great stories and living vicariously through all my great hunting friends, and sharing as much information from decades of hunting knowledge for all to share and utilize for your hopeful success.  Although this will be a huge mental challenge for me this year, I hope it will help me to grow as a person and a hunter and give me more fire to look forward to next year and future hunts. If there is any possible way, I will be out there trying to make it happen. I look forward to hearing of all your success stories, enjoy every moment!!