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As a young boy growing up in the Loess Hills of Iowa, I was naturally drawn to the outdoors. With most of my free time spent hunting or fishing, I developed a passion for whitetails.

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Ready for Turkeys!

Ready for Turkeys!

In my part of Iowa right now we have zero snow and bitter cold weather. I hate to say it but if it’s going to be this cold we had better have snow. With that being said, one the plus side we have just over a foot of ice on our farm ponds. The ice fishing has been good. Last weekend I took my six year old son Drake out for his first time ice fishing. He had a blast, he caught five bluegills all by himself. The water was so clear that he was able to watch the fish come up an eat his jig. That is when he was able to hold still long enough to let one grab it.

The next trip is up to Clear Lake to participate in the 2014 Yellow Bass Bonanza. Then up to South Dakota for a walleye an perch trip.  These are just a few things that help me pass the time from the end of deer season to the first day of turkey season.  I’m looking forward to this turkey season more than usually, my son is going to try for his first ever turkey during the Iowa youth season…  Wish us luck!!!


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