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Growing up hunting has taught me many life qualities, such as patients, determination, vigor, and even humility. Hunting is something that gets into your blood and will never come out, but for me it is more than that.

Little but Mighty Reason

A Little but Mighty Reason to Get Out

20140914_143258Everyone has different reasons as to why the love the outdoors. Depending on their backgrounds, their influences or even the future plans, a person can be just as passionate with the outdoors as anyone else out there. The five senses all play a huge part in the wild. From seeing the sights to tasting nature’s goodies, there are so many wonders for so many ages of mankind. With that being said, one huge reason the outdoors is something so special is because you can begin to fall in love at a very young age. Spending time with the younger generation while doing something that means so much to both of you is just an overwhelming happiness. Even when not with the young, surrounding yourself with loved ones makes any moment more memorable.

When I went out this past weekend to check stands and cameras I was accompanied by my mother, my brother and my nephew. Within those short few hours there were so many laughs that my stomach hurt when I got home. From watching my nephew try to walk quietly to just seeing how passionate my brother is while putting up stands, moments are flowing constantly if you just take a second to see them.

20140914_155228While out and about, we hung a double stand in a new location of a big buck producing farm, moved a camera, and checked out our food plot. The stands are in an amazing location and I am very confident that we will have an opportunity on a very nice buck. Next we went back to the location of where I took my buck last year and put up a camera there. Finally we went back to check out our food plot. It’s our first time ever putting out a plot so it’s a learning process. On the ride back my nephew spotted a very nice bull frog hoping on the four wheeler path. So of course he just jumps off and starts chasing after it. Somehow the clumsy kid caught it. So of course we had to drive it back to the pond and let it swim off.

Moments like these would not happen if I was not with others while doing what I love to do. Personally I would rather do all of the things I love with other people. I would definitely advise trying it out if you have not. Getting the little ones involved and seeing the looks on their faces is a little incentive that others might pass up. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my passion with my family and I cherish every second of it.

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