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Late Turkey Season.. One More Trip

I have my Watson AirLock bags packed and I’m heading out on my last turkey hunt of the year well spring anyway. It’s been a great season so far and I hope it ends on an upswing. I know most of the turkey hunting is over by now but a few states still are open through the end of May.

Nebraska is one of those states that will be open this weekend and I will be heading out with Shane Simpson of THPL. We had planned to hunt together here in Iowa but Shane had tons of video to edit and that sounded like a good problem to have. As far as late season goes I seem to kill my biggest Toms this time of the year but it is always HOT!! Two things I always use late in the spring is very light weight clothing and I always bring a small packable rain poncho. Even if it’s just a clear plastic one, showers can pop-up in no time and clear out just as fast! Having the poncho can save a trip back to camp.

We will be hunting mostly public land but plan to share camp with Doug Herman. Doug is a professional turkey guide and co-owner of Cottonwood Hunting Lodge. To date he has called up over 40 gobblers for his clients this spring. That’s right!!! 40 plus successful hunts in 2012 alone, as far as client shot opportunities, well over 100%. If you’re looking for a great hunt for a Merriam’s Turkey you should contact Doug for your next hunt in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

One little side note on this hunt: The turkeys had better look out, Shane, Doug and myself are both regular turkey calling contestants here in the Mid-West, we should be able to trick a few. Time will tell and I hope to have video from the hunt to post next week.  Have a safe holiday weekend!