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Kids in the Outdoors

Kids in the Outdoors

By: Heather Iverson, Guest Blogger

image5My daughter is 4 years old and we have done our best to introduce her from a young age to the outdoors.  From playing in the mud to fishing and camping she has enjoyed it since she could walk!  She has a great eye and can spot animals often before we even see them, she can identify deer tracks and say if its a buck or doe, raccoon tracks, coyote tracks, and turkey tracks, she’s awesome at spotting deer beds, rubs and scrapes.  We decided this fall she was ready to come along hunting.

image1September 26 was opening day of goose season and we decided that would be her first hunt!  She loved watching the geese set into the decoys and did a great job at holding still!  When the hunt was over she was all ready excited about the next one!  When deer season opened we took her to the woods with us, and she did great in the blind.  We didnt have deer come into range but we did get to sit and watch them, which she enjoyed!  I am so thankful we got her out at a young age and instilled a love of the outdoors!  Start your kids young, the memories will last a lifetime!  Some animals may get spooked, some hunts ending empty handed; however the time spent with your child teaches them so much and is completely irreplaceable!image2


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